Why don’t you allow photography?

We are currently working through amendment to the user agreement to allow them. There are several other platform dedicated to this medium arealy, but we are do our best to add them.


Why can’t I upload videos?

For all the would-be-directors we hope to put this on the RoadMap sooner than later. Hang in there, at the very least we hope to have an embedding mechanism.


Why can’t I delete the artwork?

This is a bit technical, however you can make it inactive.


Why can’t I delete or edit the critique?

Culpability, Credibility, etc. Because we are not a threaded forum this ensures retention of legacy comments and data. “think about what you say, and own it!”


Why can’t I delete my account?

We are working on it, just forget about and leave. We’ll try not to flame you when you leave ;)


How do i become a "moderator" or "expert"?

WE pay attentiona and so do our moderators and experts. Participate and critique well and you'll get to be one.


Why can’t I reply to a critique?

Sure you can, if you are an moderator or expert.


What is the difference between a moderator and expert?

An expert can leave replies, while a moderator can edit critiques. They can change their status 'trolled' or 'fluff" as well.